25 August 2007

some new words

Here is a list of some new words that just came to me. Enjoy!

wigloo: a dome-shaped wig filled with ice chunks to cool one down on a hot day.

pumpire: an official who stands by gas pumps and ensures you follow all the rules of the gas station by yelling helpful things such as: "Unsafe!" when you talk on your cell-phone at the pump, or "You're out!" when you go to check how much gas you currently have in your tank.

gagriculture: when farmers sell you rotten, maggot-infested crops.

blunderwear: skivvies designed to withstand multiple "accidents".

panhandlebars: bicycle handlebars equipped with two baskets -- the one on the right comes with an overweight, three-legged pug wearing a scarf, and the one on the left has a sign reading, "Please help. I'm caught in a bad cycle."

Nursa Major: a new constellation shaped like a bear wearing a stethoscope.

presidenture: a specialized gold-plated mouthpiece worn as a symbol of authority by the president of a corporation.

dorchestra: a bunch of nerds making music.


Russell said...

Uncull: removing relatives with bad taste from your family tree.

Russell said...

I shall never tire of underlining a concise little fact which these superstitious people are loathe to admit--namely, that a thought comes when "it" wants, not when "I" want...
--Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

daniel said...

Russell, you're a budding phenomenologist.