27 September 2007

Our pets can join the fight against cruel and petty dictators.

Bonzai Cat recruited by: daniel wood
Okay. Time to get back to studying.


Mer said...

I think this is the funniest picture ever posted on any blog I've ever read. Have you even thought of being a political cartoonist with photographs?

PS: I love the no holding hands with children sign. (everyone knows that there are no children in France...)

Baptiste just informed me that that sign indicates the end of a pedestrian area or the end of a school zone. Go figure.

Russell said...

So, is it cruel to train animals for violent use, then? Or did this particular animal have a choice and came down like the intellectual world attacking him when he spoke at Columbia University?

daniel said...

Bonzai Kitty had free agency. And he graduated from Columbia University, I hear.