01 January 2008

About faces

Here is the second wave, as promised.

"Shhhhhhhaaaaaaa!" said Frederick, for no apparent reason.

Frederick posing as a rather debonair Easter Island head-sculpture.

A pair of portraits in which our young Frederick is first dazzled, then delighted and giddy at your presence, and at the prospect of sitting down and tucking into a bowl of figgy pudding. So bring some right here.

Kip, the dolphin-boy, is also delighted at your presence. Kip, in his own little dolphin way, nods and says, "Sup."

These next 3 really bother me the most because they are so realistic. I get a little self-conscious and think, "Do I ever look like that?" Do yourself a favor and don't look at the enlarged version of the last one. Unless, of course, you feel prompted to get acquainted with my palatine uvula.

I wish a happy New Year to anyone who reads this.


Mer said...

Happy New Year and here's to many more crazy photo booth shots of Daniel!

ps: Do you guys have a mac? If so, why are we not talking on iChat?

Russell said...

Wow. That's all I can say.

Matt & Stacy Woods said...

all I can say is that......my abs needed that workout. Thanks once again for the chuckle!!- Stacy
P.S. How was your christmakah?

Katie said...

Dan, you crack me up. Mostly because I can picture you laughing at yourself while you did this!

Red Crew said...

Hey Dan, this is your cous Carly Red. I was told to visit your site for some laughs...my day certainly was brightened! Eric, Emmett, and I have moved to rainy Portland due to a job Eric took, and are loving the green scenery. But just wanted to say hello to you and Kris and hope school is going well for you both out in Canada.
p.s. we have a blog if you wanna see some pics of emmett

Chris said...

You bring me to tears. I'll never see you quite the same!