30 March 2008

Frank is smitten.


emilysteinhafel said...

BAHAhahahahahhaHAHAHA... that is so funny!

Angela said...

Hi! It was fun to find your blog through Matt and Jessica's blog! Ken says you think so much "out of the box" that we wonder if you have a box at all . . . (he he) Yea for creativity. How did you do the pics? Photoshop?
Ken and Angie

Sharee & Arthur said...

You always make me laugh, but I have to say that I don't leave comments most of the time because I don't feel smart enough for your blog. I don't think I've made a brilliant comment in my life. Anyway, hope you guys are doing great, and that you aren't too jealous of Frank. I think Kris is warming up to him.
p.s. my kids love your pictures of Frederick and Kip. They have a fun time playing with our photo booth too. I should post some of our characters some time. You might find comfort in the fact that you're not the only once who can look that frightening.