18 February 2009

For Kristen

It's our wedding anniversary today. (And it's Sean's birthday!)
I gave Kristen three gifts, and she gave me permission to share her favorite one with the world. Let me preface all of this with a word of caution: if you have not seen the movie Nacho Libre, the chances of you understanding what I have done are slim.

Microsoft has this new experimental software called SongSmith, and I think it is pretty sweet. You can sing into a mic and the software will detect the key you're in and generously supply you with a solid-gold karaoke backup track.

Instead of my own voice, I injected Nacho's heart-felt ballad to Encarnacion into the SongSmith. This is what it pumped out.

* Note: It loses the beat halfway through, but don't fret; it finds the beat again just in time.

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The Red Crew said...

Thanks Dan for sharing your eagle powers with us. Kristen is lucky to have a guy who takes his "priestly duties" seriously. Happy Anniversary!