30 April 2007

Bollywood breakdancing

There's nothing I can say about this except that I don't condone smoking (for midgets or anyone else). It's bad for your body and it makes cars and hotel rooms stink. However, I do condone awesome breakdancing with an unbeatable grin on your face.


daniel said...

I can't stop watching it!
What a funny little world we live in!

Russell Anderson said...

Yeah, I think we're going to try to train Reid (Reed) on Sign Language too. Betsy and I like it and all the other moms at Betsy's mothers' group make comments like, "My child is just not as smart as yours," and "I think my daughter must just be dumb" when he shows off. (Those are actual statements made to Betsy.) So, even though we're feeling a little bit of trouble right now convincing him that volume is necessary for continued communication, I think that all in all, we're lucky to have been able to teach him early. I'm counting on him being a fast learner because of this, not just an early communicator.

When are you going to Folsom? Unless it's right away, Betsy'll probably be un-pregnant by the time you get here but we're all about filling your Anderson quota before you leave town.

It's too bad we can't do an epic man-vs-nature struggle, with my strong son, Porter, all capable and all now that he's walking.

Perhaps this should have been an email too.

Russell said...

So, I just went for a 5 mile run and did some pull-ups on those horizontal bars that come out of telephone poles to help stabalize them and when I got back, I took off my shirt and said to Betsy,
R: Hey, Dear, I'm looking buffer, come look!
B: You do. You look like Dan Wood.
So, when I work out and look tough, my wife is reminded of you. Congratulations. You naturally are like me at my best.