06 April 2007

one swinging hepcat

Fact: The strings of many stringed instruments, including those of this size, are made out of catgut (also used for stringing racquets).

Disappointing fact: Catgut isn't made out of the guts of cats.

Fun fact: The cat in this picture has a funny gut.


Ammon said...

That is a good one Dan.

pieweryhasdf said...

So, we use catgut as suture material occaisionally on cats and dogs. I believe it's made of pig intestines.

LauraHorne said...

That picture makes me feel yucky inside, the words are funny though.

Russell said...

Today I taught the lesson in Priesthood (I also taught in Sunday School, but that one is less germane) and I used an example of a good dog and a bad dog and I asked what you would do with a disobedient aggressive dog and they wanted to put it down.