27 May 2008

a morning at the opera

Here's a clip from Sunday's journal entry:
I just remembered a funny incident that happened during conference today. A man walked by and Kristen nudged me and said, “Hey, doesn’t that guy look like he could be a broadway performer?” Honestly, the man was short, pudgy, had thin red hair, and wasn’t the type I’d peg as a broadway star. “I don’t see it, honey.”
“I’ve always thought that he looks like he could play the Phantom of the Opera,” she said. I strained my imagination, but I still couldn’t detect anything that would make him a good candidate to play the Phantom. After a few seconds, I think Kristen had an epiphany: “Maybe it helps that his name is Michael Crawford.”
For the Broadway-challenged, Michael Crawford is the name of the original Phantom of the Opera, and he looks nothing like this man. I love that Kristen keeps me laughing.

Speaking of opera, I had a pretty brilliant idea this morning:

O-perah: an opera about the life of Oprah.

Maybe Beyonce could play the role of Oprah. I guess Beyonce isn't really an opera singer, but can you imagine the millions of dollars I'd make if I managed to merge the fan bases of Oprah and Beyonce? I might even make more than Oprah herself. I'm starting the script today. Oprah and Beyonce, if you read this, have your people call my people.


Mer. said...

Oh boy! I would NEVER go see an opera about Oprah...BUT, if Beyoncé were the lead I would definitely go. I'm not even into her music, but I accidentally saw her perform live in Paris (seriously, I had no clue that she would be performing that night) and it was one of the best live performances I have ever seen in my entire life (she wasn't even lip-syncing!).

Russell said...

I've always thought Satan at the Temple would do well in the Phantom of the Opera. But I think he really does sing.

Russell said...

Is it true that on the Canadian $2 bill the flag over the parliament building is an American Flag?

daniel said...

Satan = Michael Ballam = opera performer.
Maybe he could play Dr. Phil in the O-perah. He'd have to lose a few pounds.


No, there is no such thing as a Canadian $2 bill. But that would've been sweet.

daniel said...


Michael Ballam would have to gain a few pounds, not lose them, in order to achieve a physique similar to that of Dr. Phil.