24 June 2008

Home sweet home

We were out on a drive the other day, and we saw a nice little home that was for sale. We had some extra cash, so we bought it. (Thanks to our parents for the "training wheels").

Here are some pictures of it.

Front view

Nice tree

The backyard deck

View from the backyard deck

Main floor, view of dining room from living room

Main floor, living room

Main floor, kitchen

Main floor, office

Top floor, guest bedroom

Top floor, master bedroom

Basement, family room

We are seriously excited for moving day, August 16th. I've already started looking at options for a canine friend. I'm sad to announce to all those who supported me through thick and thin during the Bulldog or Bust campaign: I won't be laying down $2500 for a bulldog. I've never been a quitter, so let's just call this a rain-check.

Also exciting for me: I get to find out if I'm just a poser handyman or if I have what it takes.


mer said...

I love it. So, can we come visit?

mer said...

Bulldogs really cost $2500??

ammonc said...

What a beautiful house! I don't know if I would trust a pole in the basement with Dan around. He has a tendency to get excited and run into things. On that note, if you ever decide to get a Nintendo Entertainment System, keep it upstairs.

emilysteinhafel said...

I love the house! Congrats guys!!!

Sharee & Arthur said...

Wow! Congratulations guys. It looks full of charm and character. Getting your first house is such fun! Good luck with the move.

Matt & Stacy Woods said...

That house is awesome!!! I am truly jealous and love it! so quaint, so darling. -s

Cristy said...

Such an adorable house! I love it! Good luck with the yard work Dan! :)

Stephanie said...

How fun! That house is so charming, love it! I heard my mom saw you at church!

Jess and Matt said...

Really?!?!? That is for real? It's like out of a story book or something...the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ummmm, I mean, Dan, that is the greatest, most manly awesome house ever. haha. Anyway, LOOOVE IT! Congrats, so exciting!

noel frame said...

Just had to comment on your new home. What a blessing of a house! So happy for you two. As I have been ill these past few days, I have had some down time and so decided to peruse the blog world....something that frankly eludes and overwhelms me. I have been laughing so hard at your entries, Daniel. When I came to the photos of your home it put a huge smile on my face! xoxo, Aunt Noelly

Angela said...

WOW!!! What an awesome place--is that the owners stuff or does it come furnished? I love the decor! We are loving our new place too!--and the fact that we're renting--"Just call the Landlady!"