26 June 2008

Snowball's got soul

Found this on a neuroscience blog. I like how he loses it a bit when the bass drops out, and when it comes back in, he's right back on the beat. He mixes in a few different moves here and there. I wonder if Snowball can do the MC Hammer slide. Or the Ninja Rap dance that Vanilla Ice does on TMNT. Or the boot scoot boogie. I wonder if Snowball has an agent.


Wood Public Library said...

wow--those people have waaay too many birds.

At least one is talented. I bet he'd be really good at the Thriller dance.

(Sorry, I can't get "wood public library" off my account 'til I delete the blog-project)

Sharee & Arthur said...

okay, that is hilarious. I can't believe how much rhythm that little guy has. Impressive. I think he's probably a better dancer than I am.

mer said...

Oh my gosh! That's awesome.

We used to have a bunch of pet birds growing up and one, the cockatiel (smaller than a cockatoo and gray) named Indiana Jones, could imitate any whistle. We were entertained for hours.

Maybe Kris would go for a bird before a bulldog???