23 July 2008


While Kristen and I were in Paris, we ate a lot of food at the Latin Quarter (I think that's what they called it, at least). The food was cheap (for Paris) and there was always something interesting to see. One night I was wandering around and I saw this guy with 10 or so cigarettes (all lit) in his mouth. In one gulp, he swallowed them all. People started gathering, and I started filming. He has a speech impediment that makes his words hard to understand, so I took the liberty of putting subtitles on the footage. Enjoy!


mer said...

Oh man! I remember that!!!! Weren't we all getting crepes right on the other side of the street?

(loved the subtitles)

Sharee & Arthur said...

Paris, Huh? How fun! Perhaps someday . . . Then I too, can rejoice in the unrepentant weirdness of the street entertainers there.