31 July 2008

the McGurk effect

Did you enjoy the "Ricola" video? Check out my other blog for a scientific description of it.

Link to Brain and Sky.


Stacy W. said...

Hey, I am the first one to leave a comment!! I loved the subtitles on that last one. good job, Dan!. Um, I can't remember (so forgive me if i am being repeatative) if I told you about the personal history blog i am undertaking? 365 days of blogging? You told me I should do a blog, so I did! here is the link and you better add me to your blogroll, if you know whats good for you. www.woodsyouliketoknow.wordpress.com
sorry about stealing your wifes blog idea. Oh yeah, now i remember telling her about it. sorry- i am so forgetful.-s

Chris & Kathleen said...

Dan- Hey old friend. I found your blog and was so happy to see life is so great. Your wife is beautiful, and I love your house! It was fun to catch up on Nates and Jason and Ammon too. (I can't believe Ammon has 4 kids...they are so cute!)
I love that your mom is a seminary teacher, she is such a super lady!
Good luck with the house closing and move...we just did that...fun times.