10 September 2008

Just a test.

About a year and a half ago, I initiated the infamous Bulldog or Bust campaign. To bolster support and rally the troops, I included some pictures of bulldogs that I had found on the internet. There was one photo in particular, FinneganFrenchBulldog.jpg, that magically shot to the top of the google image search rankings for the search term 'french bulldog'. This brought in between 300 and 500 hits a day.
Recently, I noticed a significant dip in the traffic to my site. So I went to google and searched 'french bulldog'. There was the photo, FinneganFrenchBulldog.jpg, but somebody else's blog was next to it. To get a glimpse of what this felt like for me, I ask you to imagine your only child becoming famous, and then when he does, that ungrateful child who received a constant shower of love and care and personal sacrifice from you, that unfaithful ingrate who you taught and groomed for greatness -- imagine that this child proclaims on the bright morning of his fame that he is the son of someone else. That is the dagger I felt in my heart today.

I'm performing a little experiment. I'm taking the top four photos from the google image results for 'french bulldog', and I'm posting them here. I'm gonna get my child back. Bring it.

This one also happens to be #1 on the 'french bulldog puppy' google image search results. More bang for my buck.

And here's the infamous Finnegan. Come back to me, Finny. The doggy door is always open.

Note: the original FinneganFrenchBulldog image comes from the owner of a political blog. I guess I forgot to mention that Finnegan was adopted. But I'm the one who got him to the top. I'm nobody's stepping stone.


mer said...

Ha ha.

(Kris, don't give into the bulldog propaganda)

ammonc said...

Dan, don’t forget that it was Finne that made your site famous not your site that made Finne famous. So your hypo is more like a famous child that you hold out to the public as being your own and then coming to find out that some else (who is also not the child's father) is doing the same thing.

I will agree with you that it can be difficult to come to the realization that what you thought was exclusive unauthorized use was in fact not exclusive. I bet it is somewhat similiar to how the old Napster felt when competition entered the market.

daniel said...

Ah, but remember that Finnegan, prior to his adoption, had been languishing in relative anonymity on his original owner's site. It wasn't until he was on my site that he shot to the top of the charts.

And make no mistake, it has never been about my blog being famous. The fame has always been Finnegan's. About 99% of the people who come to my blog to see Finnegan don't click on any links before leaving. I don't want fame. I just want a little recognition for my role in Finny's fame.

So while I realize that Finnegan is a free dog (however poorly he chooses to use that freedom by teaming up with some other blog), and that he has his own (lame) reasons for doing what he does, I just wish that he would throw me a bone here. Alas, he is a dog.

I'm destined to be just a footnote in Finnegan's epic triumph.

Stephanie said...

you are hilarious!

Corinda said...

Hey thanks for naming our motorcycle--surprisingly, we had not thought of that yet. And, I thought that I had left you a comment when I first found your site, but I guess didn't. I think that was probably as a result of sleep deprivation. But thanks for keeping in touch.

Kristi said...

Does anyone know who Finnegan's Breeder was? He truly is a handsome French Bulldog!