30 October 2007

Anagram day

A showpiece rodent.

Here's a twist on new word day -- a bunch of anagrams. Review: an anagram is a word that is made from the same letters as another word. For example, the letters in dare could also spell read.

Here are today's anagrams. (with commentary)
By the way, don't take any of these personally. I got them all from a website called sternest meanings, and therefore cannot claim responsibility or credit.
If you don't find your name here, don't be offended. I probably tried it and it wasn't funny.
Maieutica = I am a cutie (I swear I didn't know about this when I created the word Maieutica).

Ammon Chase = Means macho. (lucky name for a boy!)

Betsy Anderson = Bossy, neat nerd. (sorry Bets!)
Russ Anderson = Darn! Sourness. (revenge isn't necessary, Russ.)

Sean Wood = New toad connives. (I knew about the conniving part, but...)

The Prevot family = Fatter, homely VIP. (ouch! I can only post this because they are neither of these.)

And now, my personal favorite....

Eric Stephen Wood = Showpiece rodent. (still laughing. Sorry Eric. Maybe mom and dad were trying to say something about how you looked as a baby.)


Kris said...

oh hilarious.

Russell said...

Oh, I'm not offended at all. Sometimes I'll put a lemon in my mouth just before I kiss Betsy so she'll say exactly that, "Darn! Sourness." Sometimes she looks at me with pursed lips and a furrowed brow to express her displeasure.

Russell said...

Daniel Kent Wood = Dated Woolen Kin. (It sounds like you are from Montana and about to get in trouble with the law for crossing some lines.)

Juan Pierre said...

Dead man walking = Daniel Kent Wood

Listen here. In defense of Eric, if he is a showpiece rodent, then that is the most stupendous looking rodent I have ever met.

but between you and me, he does have a super crazy infatuation with cheese and he sometimes chews into the Christmas ornaments. We even found some of his poop in the box last year. Nasty!

Nate said...

Daniel Wood = Loaded Wino - This is a rhinocerous complaining about being, well... stopped up.

Russell said...

Ok, I'm a little confused by Juan Pierre's anagram. There seem to be a few characters that disappear when he re-arranges them. I think Dead Man Walking = Daniel Mkng Waad. I'm not really sure who that is, but I bet this other Daniel reads your blog too, so he'll appreciate the love.

daniel said...

Juan Pierre is the french-mexican alter-ego of my little brother. His anagram for my name was written in a fit of passion and was therefore more of a threat than a response.
Amusingly, Daniel Mkng Waad is an old friend from Zimbabwe ("Mkng" is short for "Martin Luther King"), and he certainly didn't appreciate the death threat, Juan Pierre. I mean, after all he's been through, trying to get his fortune out of the country and stuff. Did I mention that he's a prince?

Laura Horne said...

Anagrams are too confusing to me.