20 October 2007

A heartwarming story

Today, while Kristen and I were perusing the philosophy section at Chapters (the Canadian version of Borders), she said something that made me love her even more:

(with a sigh) "I just can't take a philosophy section seriously if it doesn't have any Heidegger."

Just think, my darling little wife . . . a Heidegger snob. It warms my heart.

P.S. By the way, I feel like New Word Wednesday failed. Sometimes, I just have to imagine all my friends and family reading my blog, laughing hysterically, and wishing they could contribute something witty. That usually makes me feel better. If that doesn't work, I just stare at the ever-increasing-megabytes-of-storage-space-counter that Gmail has on the sign-in page. After a few kilobytes have gone by, it's hard to be sad about anything.


Ammon said...

Please post more words... I fear that my volcabudanny is diminishing due to severe dandrawals.

Russell said...

Naw, I concur with Dan. It was losing its appeal. Perhaps what you should do is save up and only put up the best, because I'll be honest, Atackaling and Pantlers were pretty good, but Cramburger? Slpinterview? What's that about. You can't tell us that your cousin sets the bar high and then deliberately jump under it. That's not what President Hinckley was looking for when he said we're raising the bar. The idea was that the quality would increase.

daniel said...

I admit that "splinterview" was pretty weak, and that "cramburger" wasn't my best. I was working under a tight schedule. However, I'll have everyone know that "pantlers" was my word.

Ammon, I'm sorry to hear about your ailments. I promise to Ammend my ways. I Amm-on a new pathway now.

Russell, I disagree with your claim that it isn't right to set the bar high and then flail hopelessly in the dirt below it. You see, this encourages others who think, "Gee, that was pretty weak. I can do better than that." And this, I maintain, was my goal all along. It was all in the name of encouragement.

The fact that nobody took the bait forces me to one of three conclusions:
1. Nobody took the time to read the entire post.
2. Even after my flops, people still felt intimidated.
3. People didn't feel that I was worthy competition.

It's no skin off my back (except for the flailing in the dirt part--that chafes a bit). I get the grand prize for winning the competition.